WAN Interface doesn't accept DHCP address

  • Hi all,

    I've tried building myself an Router/Firewall setup with PFsense. just as simple as it gets.
    But it isn't going to work. I've got a lil problem.

    The WAN interface is on DHCP mode, but it doen't seem to accept the IP address that is given to him at the time of moment.
    While the dhcp from my router (soon to be over) gives it (as I can see on my router page). After 30 seconds the IP address updates and it got the address (As far as I can see).
    This continuous until the end of the DHCP range and than begins at the first available adres again.

    It's build on a VMware ESXI 6.0 box as 11.0 VM. Has 2 nics both e1000.

    I've added some screenshots below, hope this will help.


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