DD WRT Router randomly Reboots a few times daily since PFSense Box

  • I installed my PFSense box about a month ago, and the set up is:

    Cable Modem (bridge mode) > PFSense (running DHCP server > Linksys Router running DD WRT as an Access Point > every device in my home, both wired and wireless.

    The problem I'm having is that the internet connection on my Linksys DD WRT box will die for about 30 seconds, a few times a day randomly. I think the router is rebooting, since the WiFi signal stops. And on my laptop, I can't find the router for about 30 seconds, and then it reappears and everything is fine.

    I'm not sure where to start looking for the cause of this, but I've owned the router for over a year and it's been solid until I disabled DHCP, converted it to be an AP only, and added the PFSense box between it and the cable modem. So I assume something about the PFSense box, or the configuration changes I made to the router are to blame.

    It could also be the PFsense box itself is rebooting or dropping internet connection although I doubt it, because it seems like the router itself has the WiFi die during this time. If the PFsense box was to blame for the dropped connection, I'd expect WiFi to still be on, but lose access to internet.

    Any thoughts?

  • How is the Linksys connected?  Via WAN port or LAN?  If you're using it as just an AP, you'd connect via the LAN ports.

  • @JKnott:

    How is the Linksys connected?  Via WAN port or LAN?  If you're using it as just an AP, you'd connect via the LAN ports.

    Cable Modem -> WAN Port on PFSense Box

    PFSense Box LAN port to Linksys box.

    I configured DDWRT on the Linksys Box to ignore WAN/LAN designations on the ports, so it doesn't matter which port on the Linksys Box gets connected to the PFSense Box.

  • Hi,

    I'm using pfSense, several NIC's, one WAN, and on one NIC, OPT2, I have a 8 port switch. Behind this switch I have a whole bunch of Liksys/Cisco, mostlt WRT54GS.. and E1200, all loaded with DD-WRT. All are in simple AP mode, some have an up time that last for months …
    I'm using this setup nearly a decade now.
    Rock solid.

  • Just a hunch, manually set your interface speeds on both ends. Also check your interface statistics to see if there is more than the expected traffic.

    Even with DD-WRT those little boxes just freak out when overloaded or the PHY starts misbehaving.


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