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  • Hi,
    i have a post with the same problem where in 1.2.0 my adsl ppoe works but not in 1.2.1 from the first beta and now in the 1.2.1 final version is the same behavior.
    I try mpd manually starting with the option write in /var/etc/mpd.conf and /var/etc/mpd.links and i isolate what are problems:

    • the first strange thing is:

    set ipcp enable req-sec-dns

    that is set in any way i set my wan ppoe or in general setup i set to not allow dns to be overwritten by dns from wan ( i think is an option "dnsnosec" that i don't know from where i can set, so i think is an old setting), and when it's set mpd kill connection, instead with req-pri-dns option works, so i think is a fault of radius of my adsl provider but i really cannot understand why there is this option set in mpd.conf even if i don't want to set dns from ppoe.

    • the second strange thing is:

    set ipcp ranges

    that return a warning:

    [pppoe] IPCP: peer address cannot be zero

    that kill connection, so i think that can be deleted from configuration without problems or changed by correct ranges.

    This settings are ever set by /etc/inc/interfaces.inc so the problems are:

    • mpd that kill connection in other way than 1.2.0 (or 2.0.0 alpha that works)
    • useless configuration options that must be tuned/removed to work properly.

    If you think is a bug please correct code so i don't have to manually modify code everytime i update 1.2.1 routers.
    Thank you in advance,
    Marco Chiavacci

  • Didn't you think of reporting this during the long BETA and RC phase - if it is indeed a bug?  Seems dumb to report it during release.

  • If you read well, i say that i had yet reported this problem in the first beta and rc of 1.2.1 like you say, and no one can help me in isolate the problem, so, if i isolate the problem only in this phase, it's not so dumb like you image.

  • sorry, i couldn't understand your writing.

  • Ok, i try to explain:

    • with 1.2.0 and 2.0 alpha ppoe in my adsl works

    • with all version from beta version of 1.2.1 doesn't and problems are:

    1. set ipcp ranges

    that returns a warning that kill connection if is set:

    [pppoe] IPCP: peer address cannot be zero

    1. set ipcp enable req-sec-dns

    that if is set kill my connection.

    1. and 2) are written in /var/etc/mpd.conf by /etc/inc/interfaces.inc function and the 2) problem is set in a if section for a 'dnsnosec' option that i cannot find anywhere in code.

    Sure it's a change in behavior of mpd daemon because options are the same from 1.2.0 and 1.2.1, but also this two option sets are not so useful or well defined.

    For this problem there was a post in 1.2.1 section.

    P.S. i really don't know if is useful a comment like "you can say it before final exists" because problems and bugs are in every software, even if beta and rc period are 100 years long.

  • Hello,

    I read that your pppoe works/worked on 1.2.0 and 2.0, and you thought you've nailed down that the issues are related to ipcp settings in your pppoe conf. Assuming I read your post right, I just opened pppoe conf on my running 2.0-AA box. Now, believe or not, those commands you're having difficulties are exist in 2.0-AA as follows;

    set ipcp ranges
            set ipcp enable req-pri-dns
            set ipcp enable req-sec-dns

    which in turn your saying "with 1.2.0 and 2.0 alpha ppoe in my adsl works" doesn't seem to be realistic. I don't run 1.2.1 anymore but used to, and mpd daemon in 1.2.1 is the same as 2.0-AA and those settings are the key to get peer address and pri/sec dns addresses so can't be removed.

    Why don't you install fresh 1.2.1 and configure from the scratch?


  • Hi,
    you are right because mpd.conf done by 1.2.0, 1.2.1 and 2.0 are the same for my configuration, but only in 1.2.1 mpd kill connection with options i had reported.
    All my installation are fresh in the same hardware with only a first configuration of wan to try this problem (also i try to update 1.2.0 but is the same).
    I think mpd in 1.2.1 have something different from other and i'm sure that, without:

    set ipcp ranges
            set ipcp enable req-pri-dns
            set ipcp enable req-sec-dns

    my adsl with 1.2.1 works.
    Is also sure that:

    set ipcp enable req-sec-dns

    are useful if i don't allow my pfsense to overwrite dns with pppoe dns (general setup), and is sure that:

    set ipcp ranges

    return a:

    [pppoe] IPCP: peer address cannot be zero

    and then ipcp kill my connection.

    Marco Chiavacci

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