Help first pfSense build (Modem,ESXi,Wireless router)

  • Hi,

    I am new to pfSense and I am trying to build my first pfSene router/firewall. I wanted to know if I can achieve this without a switch as I have wireless devices and only 2 devices which need LAN. I have q355g4 with 4 nics and an Asus ac66u with dd-wrt in AP mode. I am currently using 2 nics one for WAN and one for LAN which is attached to my wireless router in AP mode. I set up 3 SSID with one VAP. I tried to bridge VLAN10 with the VAP cannot connect to the VAP but the other two SSID I Have internet access and can talk to each. I created the VLAN to isolate my IoT devices with my NAS and ubuntu server. I have few questions and I hope somebody can guide me and help to do achieve this.

    1. it possible to just use the 2 ports of the wireless access point to attach the 2 LAN devices?
    2. Can I create a VLAN and isolate them from the other network?
    3. Do I need a switch and put 2 LAN devices on it or it is necessary?
    4. In ESXi, the VM2 (Ubuntu) can also be included in the VLAN10 with the VAP and NAS?

    Thanks ahead :)

    Settings are attached.

    1. Multiple SSIDs generally require VLANs.
    2. How are the devices configured?  While it's possible to have VLANs on an unmanaged switch, it will required the devices to be able to support them and be manually configured.  If you want them to be plug 'n play, with DHCPetc., you'll need a managed switch (stay away from TP-Link) to isolate the VLANs.

  • Hi,

    I managed to create multi ssid with my asus wireless router in AP mode with one VLAN bridged to the VAP. The two LAN devices attached to the wlan router are in static ip in my case and but I cannot still connect to the internet somehow. so is it better to invest into smart router and put it in between?

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