Restore 1.2 config to 1.21 (embedded) ?

  • I know the rules for embedded platforms are a little different, so I'll ask first.

    I have a ALIX board.  Is it supported (possible) to restore my 1.2 config once I flash the CF card with the latest 1.21 release?  Or do I need to reconfigure it from scratch?


  • I've done this with a few systems, and have not noticed any problems so far.

  • Just checking…. since I believe the version of BSD has changed.

  • Doesn't matter, you can restore a configuration from any version to any equal or newer version, and sometimes older versions. You may not always be able to restore a configuration to an older release, but even that is possible between 1.2.1 and 1.2.  2.0 configurations cannot be used on 1.x, but 1.x configs can be restored on 2.0.

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