Throttling speeds per client?

  • I recently setup my new PFsense box and was interested in the traffic shaper's ability to throttle bandwidth. I used the normal guides that people posted online, set up for clients to be throttled to 50Mbps (because I have a 150mbps connection) and did a speed test and with one client I got 50 Mbps. But when i did two simultaneous speedtests, one client was bouncing around the 30 Mbps and the other around the 20 Mbps, indicating that all clients together are being throttled to 50 Mbps together and therefore i'm not utilizing my internet connection at all. I know you can manually enter each IP to throttle but i have a lot of clients I want to throttle bandwidth to 50 Mbps. (if you were wondering, I throttle per client to 50 Mbps because i usually never have more then two or three clients downloading simultaneously.) i've been searching everywhere for an easier solution and cant find any answer. Please Help!

  • Is there a reason you need/want to micromanage your bandwidth? Why can you just use something like fq_Codel that maintains low latency for all connections while semi-fairly distributing bandwidth?

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