Routing Internet Traffic from openVPN Server -> pfSense -> openVPN Client

  • dear community,

    i have the following setup:

    client1, client2, client3 are connected via openVPN to my pfSense openVPN-Server.
    I have activated the option "Force all client-generated IPv4 traffic through the tunnel.".

    so now, my clients gets now the WAN ip from the pfsense, thats correct.

    but now i have an VPN service where i have connected pfSense via openVPN client.
    so my pfsense is now connected via VPN service provider.

    but now my problem: i need to surf with the VPN service WAN ip address (where iam connected throug the openvpn client).
    how i can route this?

    my goal: i want surf with the VPN service providers WAN ip from my connected clients to the openVPN server (pfsense).

    how i can do that? is this possible?

    thank you very much.

    many greets

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