Traffic shaping in bridge (transparent) mode?

  • Has anyone used the Traffic shaping features to limit traffic with the firewall in bridge mode?

    This would be handy to be able to put it in front of equipment that is either out of my control or has continuous bandwith hogging issues. Due to either a server or device that has been hacked or poor application programming.
    Anyone? :-\

  • You would have to use 2.0

  • You can do it in 1.2.1

    You have to manually edit your traffic shaping queues; make the source & destination both wildcards ( * ).  I have it working at another site and it performs very well.


  • Sorry, there's actually a bit more work you need to do.

    Once you set your rule's source and dest as *, you need to modify the qwandef and qlandef queue.

    Edit them and check "Random Early Detection"

    Save, apply, done!

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