PfSense with Wanos for wan acceleration on VM Is it possible?

  • I have 2 sites (home and office) on FIOS gigabit internet and ditched my old routers because they couldn't keep up with the new speeds.  I set up pfSense on Dell Optiplex 7010's (i7-3770) on both sides and established a ipsec vpn.  It works great.  I've had a good experience getting to know pfSense as I got the install/config working.

    One thing that I was disappointed about was the WAN throughput on SMB/CIFS.  With 900+Mbps I was hoping for close to 80+ MBps transfer rate.  I'm getting more like 35/40.

    I've now come to understand the inefficiency of that protocol over WAN's and have wondered if a WAN Accelerator would help.  Of course most wan accelerators are very expensive for SOHO use so I've been looking for other options.

    iperf testing between the sites gives me this:

    stock iperf (iperf -c gives 267 Mbps which is  33.75 MBps which is what I am seeing with SMB/CIFS transfers.
    special iperf (iperf -P 5 -c gives 807 Mbps which is 100.875 MBps (the -P tests with 5 simultaneous streams)

    Based on those results I went looking for file transfer utilities that would do multi-stream transfers and really didn't find anything that had any effect on overall throughput.  If you know of anything, please let me know.

    Based on my research I'm back to looking at OpenSource WAN Acceleration.  I've read that I could use WANOS Express which is free?

    has anyone every worked with this.  Am I barking up the wrong tree?  Will the express version not even work with my high WAN speeds?  Their price sheet says $4k for gig internet, so will the free version not even help me?


    Would it be possible to run both on a single virtualized server?  I did some reading and some had done this.

    Before I pour a whole bunch of time (and possibly hardware), I'd like to get a little input.

    Open to input and suggestions.


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