New Install 2.4.2 memstick

  • I downloaded pfsense 2.4.2 memstick installer and used rufus 2.18 to create a bootable usb to run pfsense on.  GPT partition scheme on UEFI installer.

    I plug it into my machine and it begins to load the installer.

    clicnk on install pfsense
    continue with default keymap
    select auto (UFS)

    goes into partition editor. 
    da0 7.5GB GPT
    da0p1 800kb efi
    da0p2 59kb freebsd-boot
    da0p3 609MB freebsd-ufs
    da0p4 1.0MB freebsd-swap

    i click on finish
    CONFIRMATION - your changes will no be overwritten to disk


    ERROR - No root partition was found. the root pfsense partition must have a mountpoint of '/'

    go in to modufy it and set it to /
    goes to install and then says

    error mounting partition /mnt: mount /dev/da0p3: operation not permitted.
    failed to mount filesystem


    Now i know this sounds stupid but surely you cant install it to the same USB drive as you are installing from??

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Is there a question in there somewhere?

  • sure is a question, i was typing away and hit post before i finished.  its probably a silly question but it is new years day :P

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It only shows you that single disk da0? No others?

    How large is the drive you are trying to install to? What kind of drive is it? What kind of controller? Whatever it is it looks like the installer cannot see it.

    da0 looks like 8GB and is probably the booted USB memory stick.

  • NM
    I hadnt properly inserted the other USB…..  Happy new year!!  im off to a great start.

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