LCDproc for 1.2.1

  • I know lcdproc has issues with freebsd 6 but now that we are running 7.0, I heard that there was a working build of it. Is there a package for 1.3 Alpha that can be installed on 1.2.1? I am looking for a LCD driver that will drive my picolcd and I heard that the new build for 1.3 supports this.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I haven't tried to install it, but LCDProc shows up on the installable packages list for 1.2.1.
    It appears to be the latest stable version. Are you having trouble installing/running it?

  • there is an issue with lcdproc 5.2+ with freebsd 6 it is an issue with the usb device driver. The issue is fixed in freebsd 7. The driver I need is not compiled in that package. I need the later verison compiled for 1.3 or 2.0

  • I would love to see the picoLCD working, I've been eyeing the mini-box 300 case with the picoLCD.  But past incompatibility issues dropped it off my christmas list…

  • I'm wondering if there is an update to this? The LCDProc doesn't appear to work with the mini-box 300? Any suggestions, help, advice or anything else to get it to work? Somebody mentioned the driver needs recompiled in FreeBSD 7 - happy to do this but not quite sure how (while I'm a Linux / Windows bod and have recompiled bits and pieces not done so for FreeBSD).

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