Multicast IPTV for ISP FPT VietNamese

  • I use the FPT network in Vietnam, which uses PPOE to provide IPTV. Previously I used IKUAI or modem is still normal view. But since I switched to pFsense I can not use half.

    I tried to find the tutorial at the forum and follow but failed. Most of them add an IPTV Wan and an IPTV LAN. Same service with IGMP Proxy. I only have 1 WAN and one LAN, I tried to add UDP and IGMP rules for LAN and WAN but all failed, the log logs the following error: The source address for group 239.255 .255.250, is not in any valid net for upstream VIF. As for the firewall I see the UDP part is all green.
    Here is my list of IPTV lists:
    In the upstream section I added,,
    Downstream lan is

    Got NAT port of UDP for wan 30120
    But it still does not work.

    Currently I can only watch the program through IPTV by plugging the line from converter into the switch then plugging the wan from the switch and Pfsense. Is there a way to fix this.

    Thank you!

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