Multi-WAN still doesn't work well

  • New versions are coming, but Multi-WAN is still not functionning well as it was in the very beginning.

    1. Gateway monitoring is not working in Multi-WAN. If WAN has no static IP, it doesn't event known, how to monitor. If WAN does have static IP, it can either work, or not, as doing false positives and false negatives.

    2. Neither DNS forwarding nor DNS resolver works well in Multi-WAN. It can stop resolving DNS on one of WANs go down and it is impossible to detect a situation having (1)

    3. Proxy doesn't work on Multi-WAN (only one WAN can be used).

    Any chance for solving this?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator


    1. yes it does.. Without some details impossible to tell what your doing wrong to think such a thing
    2. yes it does.. - Again without details clueless to what your doing wrong.
    3. sure it does.. Again see 1 and 2 to what could be your problem. And how your trying to leverage your multiwan with your proxy.

  • No it doesn't. Of course we can play in the game "provide more details" for example fro #1, here:

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