PfSense as a remote filtering gateway?

  • Hello there,

    As a disclaimer first: I have general knowledge about networking but I'm not an expert and I've never used pfSense (yet).

    I'd like to control web (both HTTP and HTTPS) traffic for some machines I have but I don't control the on-premise Internet gateway they use. After a bit of search I came up with the following idea:

    • Force all Internet traffic on the machines of my users through a VPN that connects them to a remote machine I control.

    • Use pfSense on that remote machine with OpenVPN and Squid/SquidGuard as a transparent web filtering proxy

    In case it matters:

    • I plan on running pfSense in a virtual machine with Proxmox as the hypervisor.

    • The users should have Windows 10 machines that I control (so I can force the network traffic through the VPN and add the Squide fake CA certificate for the MITM part of HTTPS filtering.

    Since I'm not an expert, is my idea feasible at all?  ;D

    And as far as I know pfSense usually runs on routers that have several NICs, will it make any difference if my "LAN NIC" is a virtual one?

    Thanks for your help!

  • from what you are trying to do you can just setup a vm with openvpn AS (it comes as a VM appliance ) and just vpn from your pc to it and than use opendns to filter traffic by categories or lists.

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