Release 1.2.1 Outbound FTP Bug fixed?

  • I saw that release 1.2.1 was released, I'm curious if the Outbound FTP Bug is fixed in this new release.
    I looked at the version history and I found 2 bug fixes related to FTP, but I'm not sure if those bug fixes are related to the Outbound FTP Bug.

    Does somebody know if the Outbound FTP Bug is fixed in this new 1.2.1 release?

    To be clear with the outbound FTP Bug I mean the bug that the FTP Helper functionality won't permit Outbound FTP connectivity, which has as result that it's impossible to reach an FTP site Nor publuc or Private FTP sites)

    Reading posts here on the pfSense forum made me realize it's a common problem and lots of people facing the same problems as I do refering to this bug.

  • Can you clarify sites or setups your are referring to?
    Because if don't let old forum ghosts haunt you, there shouldn't be a problem with a default install.
    A easy test
    1. Boot from Live cd
    2. Select wan and lan
    3. Connect to a ftp site like

    Common links referred to.,7001.0.html

  • I do not have any problem connecting to FTP sites nor publishing web-content with 1.2.1 final on all my systems running…
    So I would suppose, it's fixed...
    Scott does not like buggy final releases  ;)

  • I just Installed release 1.2.1 and now FTP is working perfect:-)
    Maybe some bug fixes in release 1.2.1 were related with this specific FTP problem.
    Problem solved
    Topic can be closed:-)

  • There haven't been any bugs related to outbound FTP since before 1.2 was released. There were a couple issues fixed between 1.2 and 1.2.1 with handling of FTP servers residing inside your network behind NAT, specific to certain configurations where you're using CARP and multiple FTP servers.

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