Need help with DNS Resolver Settings

  • Hi,

    I am a bit confused on what the proper settings should be for the DNS Resolver's "Network Interfaces" and "Outgoing Network Interfaces".

    I have read somewhere it should be set to "All" on both but I have also read the "Network Interfaces" should be set for each LAN interface and Localhost only and the "Outgoing Network Interfaces" should be set to only WAN.

    I am even more confused on what to do with the VPN choices.

    I want to use the resolver for everything so to speak, I do NOT use anything IPv6, I DO use pfBlockerNG and I DO use OpenVPN from provider ExpressVPN.

    Which interfaces should be chosen for each "Network Interfaces" and "Outgoing Network Interfaces"?

    Below is a screenshot of my current settings and the options I have to choose from.

  • For my Network Interfaces I have selected LAN, LAN2, VLAN1, etc…i.e. my internal interfaces.

    For my Outgoing Network interfaces I have selected my VPN only...I have all my DNS going out my VPN to minimize "DNS leaks". You might want to select WAN depending on your configuration and if this doesn't matter to you.

    If you are not using IPv6 no need to select it, however from a house keeping perspective maybe consider turning this IPv6 off.

    Open to opinions if I am wrong...

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