Apple USB Ethernet adapter not seen under Parallels Desktop

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to play/test the 2.0 Alpha release under Parallels Desktop on my MacBook Pro.
    In order to have some extra NICs, I plugged two of the Apple USB Ethernet adapters into the two USB ports.
    These devices are ASIX based, and seem to be supported in FreeBSD 7.1 if the code at is any indication.

    Unfortunately, despite the devices being assigned to the virtual machine, etc. I get the following response:

    # usbdevs -v
    usbdevs: no USB controllers found

    Is USB support complied into the Alpha release? If so, are the axe drivers compiled into the release? (I can't seem to find any modules anywhere, but being a FreeBSD noob, I may just be looking at the wrong place…)

    I would suspect that given that FreeBSD is an OS supported by Parallels Desktop, they would choose to emulate a USB controller that is supported by FreeBSD, but of course, I can't exclude that some bug in Parallels Desktop is another possible cause for this failure to recognize these two NICs.

    Still, if my plans pan out, I'll eventually run pfSense (or vyatta, that's what I'm currently trying to figure out) on some Atom based Netbook (single core, hyperthreading, battery backup) or Nettop (dual core, hyperthreading, 64-bit, no battery backup), and will need these two USB Ethernet adapters to get enough NICs for one of these devices, so if it's a lack of support for USB and the axe driver in pfSense, then I kindly request to add this as soon as possible...



  • Did anything change in this regards?

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