What's triggering "Dial On Demand" ?

  • Hi

    I have setup my PPPoE connection to by Dial On Demand, but it keeps connecting for apparently no reason, as no traffic should be coming to this router (its LAN interface is CARP slave).
    Checking the states table, I see some states due multicast packets. Are these the ones firing my dial on demand connection ?
    If not, how can I find out what is firing it ?


  • For the record, I left the this server sitting idle, and after some time the connection attempts stopped.
    No idea what had been causing this, but the server is fine now.

  • Maybe something like Unbound communicating with the root DNS servers or something? I assume any activity will cause this?

  • You mean root like A, B, C, etc. ?
    Because this pfSense's DNS servers are set to servers on my LAN, so no outbound communication should be made related to name resolution.

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