Specifc client to route through specific gateway

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a very slow adsl connection via my isp which I can get about .5mb download on a good day. There is no ather isp that can cover that area. I have got satellite broadband which is capped at 40GB usage upload and download per month. Now this network needs to support 2 laptops as they are use for work ie home office. There is also 2 iphone and 1 Ipad that needs to use resources on the LAN ie printers to print. I have pfsense installed with the satellite connection and connected the iphone and ipad. I ran out of data withing 48 hrs so I removed the ipad and iphones and put them back on the adsl connection. Due to that fact they can`t use and of the lan printer.

    i am thinking to create a second wan interface with the adsl so my pfsense will have 2 wans. This should hopefully get all the devices to connect to the same lan and get the phones to use the printer.

    Now is there a way to force all traffic destined for the internet via the adsl wan for the iphone and ipad so that they dont consume all the data. How can I achieve that please.

  • Sorry also I get free usage from the satellite provider from 00:00 till 06:00 am. Would it be possible to get all the traffic to go through the satellite WAN 1 interface during those times or between 01:00 am till 05:00 am.



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