Basic VIP and Load Balance Issue - Port won't make TCP connection

  • Real simply, I have two open relay internal email servers both listening on port 26. I can telnet to each individual server but not to the VIP. I created a VIP on the same subnet at the servers and use the VIP for LB both port 26 and HTTP. I setup the LB for an active/passive, where server 1 is the active and all traffic is directed there, and server 2 is the passive in case server 1 goes offline (according to the monitor).

    It seems like no data will pass into the VIP:port and out to server 1:port, both on 26 or 80. I have a rule on that subnet to allow all traffic to pass in and out.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    pfSense 2.4.2-Release-p1

    LAN: (pfsense)
    VIP: (Type=IP Alias)
    Pool1: Mode=LB, Server=, Port=26, Monitor=TCP
    Pool2: Mode=LB, Server=, Port=26, Monitor=TCP
    VirtualServer1: Protocol=tcp, IP Address=, Pool=Pool1, Fallback Pool=Pool2

    The status for both the pool and service is green / active.

    And when it's all done, I can't telnet to the VIP ( on port 26, but I can telnet to and .139

  • More information… it appears that I can successfully telnet to the VIP on port 26 from another LAN. When initiated on the same LAN/subnet as the VIP, the connection never responds. On this subnet there is only one firewall rule that allows all in/out on any protocol for IPv4+IPv6, so I there isn't any possible rule that could be blocking.