Start TLS for announcements

  • Hello
    Pls add support for StartTLS support for Mail Messages with announcments in the advanced part.
    I've tried it with O365 and SSL/TLS no luck… I can only send unencrypted to


  • STARTTLS works. The UI is a bit misleading, though. The "Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS" checkbox really means

    • If checked, use SMTP/S
    • If unchecked, use STARTTLS

    To use office365, you'll need the following settings:
    E-Mail Server:
    SMTP Port of E-Mail Server: 587

    From e-mail address: The email address associated with your account
    Notification E-Mail address: Whereever you want the notification to go
    Notification E-Mail auth username: The same email address as the From e-mail Address (your login email address)
    Notification E-Mail auth password: Your account password
    Notification E-Mail auth mechaniasm: LOGIN

    It's important to note that the FROM address and the Auth Username must be identical. Failure to make them the same will result in an error message saying you're not permitted to send as address.

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