Setup gmirror at installation - pfSense 2.4.2

  • Hello and greetings from Hamburg,

    I've tried to install pfsense on a server system, wich has 2 direct patched Samsung ssd drives.
    Normally in the installation procedure, I can choose the topic create gmirror at the start of the installation.
    I've looking everywhere but I can't find the option to setup the raid 1 mirror before I install pfSense on it.
    How do i setup a gmirror in the version 2.4.2?
    Do the installation wizard have the option no more?

    Thanks and many greetings,

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    2.4 uses a completely different installer than older versions and we did not reimplement the gmirror function.

    You can use ZFS to setup a mirror in the installer if you like.

  • Same situation here, but are there any advantages or disadvantages?

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  • Uh yeah same here!  >:(  Because the gmirror install function was never reimplemented in the pfSense 2.4.3 Community Edition installer, last night we spent hours attempting to get our pfSense firewall back online with 2 new Samsung SSD drives.

    After 40 mins trying to figure out where the GNOM option was, and with no help from Google, we happened to discover from this thread that it's not even available in 2.4!  What??  Well no firewall means no internet for our workstations, and with no laptop to plug into the cable modem far away in a back room, we had to find another way of getting internet access to download the ISO for pfSense 2.3.5.  Then we installed from CD, changed IP address, took firewall to back room along with someone's monitor and keyboard, plug back into cable modem, do upgrade to 2.4.3 from the console, reboot, restore configuration from USB thumb drive, reboot again, and finally around midnight we got everything working again.

    What should have taken 20 minutes is now a nightmare.  :(

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    I tried many variations of "pfSense 2.4 gmirror" (and raid, mirror, etc) in Google and they all pointed to relevant threads here that mentioned using ZFS instead, including this thread which was at the top of most of the results.

    gmirror is inferior to ZFS, and it was more trouble to implement gmirror all over again than to use ZFS which was already in the new installer.

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