OpenVPN without AES-NI?

  • Would a g2120 be able to handle a 1 gigabyte asymmetric WAN connection plus (2-3) VPN clients ( speeds around 50-100mbps) and a VPN server?

    Or should I get a Xeon E3 1200 series CPU?

    My motherboard says it '' supports up to 32gb ddr3 ecc and non ecc udimn'', but I was planning on using a 2gb non ecc udimm, as used ecc udimm are alot more expensive than used ecc rdimms and non ecc udimms

    Recommends 3 5GHz Cores to run a 750Mbps connection, whereas most DIY forums suggest you can get by on a g530, so I'm not too sure which is right.

  • @johnkeates:

    Yes it could but why would you even do that, pfSense won't support non-AES CPUs in the future.

    I'm locked into using Lga1155 as my socket, so I'm trying to figure out my options.

    As far as I can tell only Xeons have AES-NI on the Lga1155 socket. The cheapest Xeons I could find are the e3-1220 for 75$ USD and the 18w 1220L for 100$, both are significantly more expensive than a 10 Pentium

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