Gigabyte Z370N WIFI + i3-8100

  • Hi guys,

    Just wanted to let you know (for anyone interested) that this combo has a PPPoE throughput with a (theoretical - up to) 1Gbit internet connection (RDS - Romania) of ~980MBit/s with pfSense 2.4.2_1, regardless of the bug. CPU has peaks of up to 5% on full bandwidth load. Coming up soon: OpenVPN tests.

    Other details:

    • 8gb ram

    • WAN on igb0

    • CPU temp: 32C @ 24C ambient temp

    This is my latest speedtest:

    P.S. Please support the project by buying pfSense hardware / Gold Membership.

  • Ok, wanted to let you know that despite the initial good results, the OS crashed a few hours later. OPNsense looks like has no issues (3 days and counting) with PPPoE (the trigger of the crash). Anyway, I'm going to use both as I have several boxes.

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