Multiple Lan NIC's?

  • I am running pfSEnse in a VM on top of a Windows machine which is also being used as a NAS/Database host for my multiple Media Centers.  Currently its all connected to the lan via a single gigabit NIC.

    The problem is when more than one person tries to watch at the same time (and the majority is HD video,  multiple 1080p streams).  Basically the video becomes laggy and the internet slows to an extreme crawl.

    My first guess was the hard drive was the bottleneck, however when I tax the system to its max, CPU/Ram usage are low and the server responds quickly when I try to do any tasks.

    However, the network on the server crawls.  Internet and otherwise.  Is there any way to connect two NIC's to the same switch and somehow balance the bandwidth between the two?


  • The 2.0 branch has lagg support, but I would suspect the problem lies with running it in a VM. Do the interface graphs show saturation?

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