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  • i am quite new to pfsence

    right hear me out here i go over the top on every thing and im a bit security paranoyed i have 3 isp's and would like to run 2 of them togeather and 1 as a fall over.

    my 3 isp's have there own dedicated dual redundent fierwall (basicaly 4 fierwalls but 2 used all the time and 2 as a fall over (ye i know over kill)

    but here is were it gets crazy i was wondering if i could have several different dhcp's
    i would like several dhcp's one form my cctv cameras one for my nas one for wifi one for general use and one privert (onaly one conection) but at the same time i would like them all to be able to talk to the nas withput exshposing it to the net and i would like the privert conection (onaly) the talk to the cctv system but yet again not exsposing  it to the net.

    no it gets coplicated i would also like to acsess my cctv via a vpn to use anywera

    and i dont want it to be possible to acsess the rest of the system via the camera conections

    and for the cherry on the cake i would like a dedicated server with 3tb storage as a net cahce (stores all data comeing from or going to the net)

  • $150 per hour and you might get some help. Thats a TON to configure and you have provided almost no information to go on.

  • what additional info would you recommend me incoloding

  • hm, that would be four local interfaces (if NAS can be seen as an interface at all) plus your WANs.
    How many NICs does your pfSense have or do you have a managed switch and plan on going with VLANs?

  • https://www.netgate.com/solutions/pfsense/sg-4860.html      ;)

    or equivalent.

    but here is were it gets crazy i was wondering if i could have several different dhcp's

    Yes. One for every LAN you have if desired.

    no it gets complicated i would also like to access my cctv via a vpn to use anywhere

    Yes. Many do this.

  • @chpalmer:


    ….which has 6 interfaces.
    4x LAN & 3x WAN needs 7 interfaces if my math is right.

  • hi there jahonix i actuaerly have 6 quad nics installed
    hi there chpalmer thank you for the info but i allredy have a server set up just needing to do the configering

  • Hi merlin1,

    Since you have the hardware with 6 nic, you can use 3 of them for wan rest for lan. If you can arrange for managed switch (to do vlan tagging) you can create vlans. Then write rules to allow or disallow traffic. I can help you configure.


  • hi ashima thank you for the info and i will get back to you when i get back home on regards to help thank you

  • @merlin1:

    i have 6 quad nics installed

    Did I get that right - 24 ports? What do you plan to do with that, do you have a datacenter in the basement?

    Just before this idea comes up here: it is by no means a good idea to bridge spare interfaces to create something that some users think can replace a real switch. It can't.

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    i actuaerly have 6 quad nics installed

    Seems like a waste..

    From your first post this is all pretty basic setup of firewall rules between segments.  But you sure do not need 24 router interfaces for such a setup..

    What switch infrastructure do you have in play?  Because as mentioned already nic interfaces are not switch ports.. Be happy to help you work through your firewall rules between networks - but your going to have to lay out your networks and what you want to talk to what, etc.

  • hi jahonix  ye thats right i onaly have so meny becouse i work in the it depart ment at school and they were up grading to 10gb and was going to scrap all the old equipment i clamed some and thought i could use it in a pfsence router (as i sat you can never have too meny conections) and yes in a tecnical sens i do have a fue storage servers for freinds and family to use

    hi johnpoz at the moment i onaly have plane old gigabit switches wateing to get some maneged switches at the moment but till they come i am just useing plane gigabit switches

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    unless you have separate your different networks you will have to wait til you have smart/managed switches to segment your network.

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