Debugging Email Reports

  • Hi, I'm trying to find out why the Email Reports package stopped sending me mails.

    System -> Advanced -> Notifications is configured and working.

    Jan 6 09:05:15 	php-fpm 	2549   /system_advanced_notifications.php: Message sent to OK

    However, when I click "send now" in the configuration screen of Email Reports, nothing happens, i.e. neither do I get a mail, nor is there any log entry (i.e. nothing under Status -> System Logs -> System -> General. I also don't get the regular mail I used to get.

    The configured command (/usr/local/bin/vnstat -i pppoe0; /usr/local/bin/vnstat -i pppoe0 -h) is executing ok in a shell.

    Maybe it would help to run the email report command manually in the shell. But I don't know what it is  :)

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