Problem with e-mail notifications while using PIA

  • I am new to pfSense and firewall/routing in general so be patient with me.  ::)
    First some background about my setup:
    pfSense version 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 no packages installed.
    I have Private Internet Access setup on pfSense and it is working fine.

    I have a website hosted in the cloud and use this hosting service for my e-mail.
    When I originally tried to get my e-mail working with SMTP/S I had some issues getting it to work with PIA.
    I ended up creating aliases for my mail server and the pc's that that need to access it.
    I then created a LAN firewall rule with the alias of my pc and the wife's as the source and the alias of the mail server and port 465 as the destination.
    Then set that to route the traffic out the normal WAN gateway (not PIA)
    Works great.

    My issue is this:
    I can't figure out how to allow the pfSense box the same access.
    Seems to me I should be able to just add the pfSense box to the same alias list as our pc's and it should work.
    Unfortunately, it does not.
    Notifications work fine from pfSense if the PIA VPN is killed.
    I'm not understanding why the firewall rule works for my pc and the wife's but not the pfSense box.

    Can anyone give me a clue as to what I am doing wrong here?
    I know I am just not understanding something basic and simple here…

  • Maybe post a screen shot of the rules for your WAN and LAN? Not sure I can help but others might…

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