VLAN Bridging

  • Hi all!

    I just hit the wall :o…

    Is it possible to hava "transparent" vlan bridge?

    From my ISP I have "internet" (untagged) and a VOIP vlan(855)

    Since I lack a switch to separate the voip vlan i figured I could bridge the vlan on my wan to a vlan on my opt1

    But I just cant this to work.

    I cant set any IP on any of the vlan interfaces since the my SIP box needs to get the IP from the ISP

    Is this even doable or do I need to get my self another switch :)


  • Answer to self

    I did get it to work, by creating firewall rules in between the interfaces in the bridge (allow all any).

    But according to the pfsense docs:

    A bridged interface can filter traffic without being involved in the IP layer of the connection.

    By creating a FW rule, I opinion is that the IP Layer is involved somehow?

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