A few high level questions

  • I'm new to advanced networking so I'm not sure how I should approach what I want to do.

    My goal was to have my entire home network running through my vpn which is PIA (open vpn).  I just bought and setup a netgate 3100 and I have it working great.  For wireless I'm using the EERO wireless mesh devices in gateway mode and the main one is wired into my netgate.

    The issue is that I have 2 ps4s and use 1 for video streaming and the other for games and livestreaming.  I realized today that amazon blocks many of the prime video features if it detects a VPN no matter which server I tried.  They confirmed this in customer service chat.

    So my questions based on this are:

    • Is the solution to this to make separate networks with pfsense within the netgate 3100?  Are vlans the answer to that?

    • If I am able to make separate networks on the netgate 3100 is it possible to choose whether on not a particular network passes through the VPN?

    I watched several VLAN tutorials and figured that might be the solution.  I created a VLAN as a child to my LAN.  Currently every device on my network are passing through the EEROs into that first LAN port on my 3100.  After the VLAN and rules were all setup I saw no way to get any devices to pull ip's from my new VLAN.  They all default to grabbing ips from my primary LAN.  If I am misunderstanding how VLANS work feel free to lmk.  :)

  • Does your EERO support VLANs?
    Well, after a quick search I doubt these superhero wifi mash bullshit can do VLANs. Sorry.

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    Why is it people buy great router/firewall device and then when it comes to wifi they just buy utter home luser crap?

    Buy wifi that can do vlans - then come back and ask how to use it if you need too ;)

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