Port Forward using Aliases as Source Address [Solved]

  • Hi,

    I configured an internal web server to port forward to the WAN (a.b.c.d) address. And, I'm successful doing that with any source address (able to access it from any WAN and LAN). I properly configured the NAT Reflection rules and enabled NAT Reflection mode for port forwards (NAT+proxy) and Automatic outbound NAT for Reflection.

    Now, edited the NAT Rule and configured an alias (Some White listed IP Addresses, included a.b.c.d) and provided them in the source address.  I was able to access from White listed IP Addresses except LAN (WAN IP: a.b.c.d)

    Am I missing something, Please help me out.


  • Update…

    I fixed it by adding one more NAT Rule with LAN Net as Source Address.

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