Two internet service providers: 1.)dsl cable and 2.)wireless broadband

  • My PfSense box is up and doing great for over two years now (and i would like to express my greatest thanks :-* to the people who gave their sweat and effort for it to be this great)… i've upgraded it to the latest stable version 1.2.1 christmas edition... my question is: can anybody please help me connect and/or load-balance a wireless-broadband connection from my windows xp box (which of course uses a login sofware to get connected to their wireless service) and to my already working and running dsl-connected(another ISP which is already up and running ever since) pfsense box? i just wanted to use both internet connections working for my pfsense...
    or is it possible? how?  i would be very gratefull for any help anybody can give... 8)

  • is this normal wifi wireless and not some cellular variant.

    Note that pppoe is what you need and only works on the 1st connection. e.g. wan.
    You could switch these interfaces around and modify the rules so that the dsl will still work.
    You can then use the wan with the wifi card and use pppoe.

    Make backups before.

  • thank you very much for the suggestion… but i'm afraid it is a cellular variant. this ISP is a cellular service provider too. wifi signal comes from their cellular towers and they will install the aerial gadgets and software to my windows box. i can authenticate my subscription thru their installed software. and only then i can use the internet. it's possible to use internet-sharing thru this xp box after i have authenticated but i don't know how to do it in including it to my pfsense box which is running on my normal dsl connection. :-\

    until then, happy new year to all! :)

  • I guess last try would be to boot from a livecd on xp pc and hope it only register you by mac adresse or ask your ISP for help.

  • The distinction is that wifi is something I know as wireless network cards, wireless a/b/g/n

    If this is a USB dongle that does edge, evdo, 3g, hdspa, hsupa then it is a cellular device. We don't support those yet.

    If it is a true wireless network card I assume they use something like pppoe to authenticate which pfSense can do.

  • to everybody who helped me (responded to my querry..), thank you so much! it was such a big help to me. i am now on my way in finding out the pppoe profile of my wireless connection. i will certainly tell the news later on to you guys. again, thank you so  much.

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