Virtual IP in CARP environment

  • Hi,
    I am relatively new to this forum and I would like to state that I am deeply impressed by the quality and stability of the pfsense product. It is always great to see professional work done. Thank you!!!

    I lately implemented a HA solution with CARP for two pfsense machines version 1.2.1 RC4. After fighting against special characters in the rules/NAT definitions I managed to bring the machines up and running and it works like a charm –-- almost :)

    I had some proxy arp VIPs defined before the CARP. Unfortunately those definitions where not propagated to the slave machine. Even worse when I important them manually they were removed right after the next sync. After some reading I changed them from Proxy arp to 'others' and everything started to work properly --- almost:)
    Some of my clients opened ftp for my IP address. This address was of course a virtual one which I still see when I visist
    This address nevertheless is not the address the ftp server on the other side sees The address it sees is the physical firewall leg address - even not the CARP VIP.
    I would really appreciate any help on this.

    Thanks in advance


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