Multiple subnet inside home network - unable to access the internet

  • Hi All,

    i'm new user to Pfsense though have some experience with VoIP and networking.

    having issue in my home network where i've recently introduced the Pfsense and after that my lab environment subnets PC1 and PC2 for example are unable to access the internet

    please look at attached diagram which clarifies the scenario.

    any help i'll appreciate. thanks in advance

  • you said problems started after introducing pfsense.
    Share how it worked earlier ?
    connect a pc to single vlan switch is internet working ?

  • Could be anything at this point…to dovetail Wroxc...maybe connect a PC before each switch(starting with your LAN) to narrow down your problem.

    Did you add rules to VLAN interfaces? Did you add VLAN interfaces? Are you getting leases? Firewall logs? Switches tagged correctly?

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