Dual WAN (one static, one rarely changing dynamic) loadbalance/failover help

  • I setup PFsense 1.2.1 with one webserver behind it.  This will grow overtime but this is the initial setup.  I have business DSL with a block of IP addresses and was planning on getting residential cable as a backup in case the DSL fails (which is does from time to time).  I was wondering if someone could post some links or some advice of this type of setup.

    I have read these so far:

    But am still a little unsure, I have done quite a few searches but still have not found exactly what I am looking for.  Also I read that I needed static ips for the dual WAN.  As of what I am looking at (Opt1 (I call it WAN2) has the option of being dynamic).  If it is true that WAN2 needs a static IP could I put a normal router inline to trick PFsense into thinking I have a static IP on the cable connection?

    Many thanks.

  • I would make WAN1 your cable, WAN2 your dsl.

    Then under Static Route, have only 1 route created in here. Select WAN2, ip of the device you are pinging for load balance, gateway of wan2.

    The above will ensure your load balancer checks will use the proper interfaces. After you do that follow this tutorial http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/MultiWanVersion1.2.

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