ALIX on 1.2.1 -> dnsmasq[634]: exiting on receipt of SIGTERM

  • Waited until 1.2.1 went final to try to upgrade.  Having problems on a vanilla ALIX setup that ran 1.2 fine.  Any ideas?

  • AFAIK, embedded upgrade is totally unsupported and will not work on a standard (non-resized) image. I would save the config, re-image the card, and restore the config.

  • Thanks for trying to help.  I appreciate it.

    However I didn't explain very well - I "upgraded" by flashing with 1.2.1 and then reconfiguring…  So what I really have is a clean install from 1.2.

  • I have an Alix 2c3 running 1.2.1 with dhcp and dnsmasq without problems. Does the service just die randomly, can you restart it? That message is what you would see in the logs if you stopped the service via status, services. It says the service received a SIGnal to TERMinate- if it was crashing, I would expect a different message logged.

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