PfSense Installation Size

  • Hi.  I'm looking to install the latest release and am wondering what size "slice' I should use?  I'd like to run packages like snort, squid, squidguard pfblockng.  I'll be installing on a HDD that's 500GB but I'd like to also have 1 or 2 additional slices where I can also play with configurations while keeping 1 as the main use slice.  Also, is the swap area really necessary, my system has 16GB RAM.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Trying to maintain multiple slices/partitions like that is going to be a giant PITA and not worth the effort.

    Use the whole disk. Use swap.

    If you want to play with other configurations just keep a config.xml backup and then factory reset and do whatever you want, you can always restore the other config and/or reinstall within a few minutes.

    You'd waste more time tinkering with partitions compared to a reinstall+restore which only takes a few moments.

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