Wireless Router and Captive Portal

  • Hello everyone, wonder if someone could help me with this:

    My Setup:

    Interfaces: 3


    I have a wireless router, connected to OPT1. I would like to use captive portal for my wireless clients. Can anyone help?

  • Setup a DHCP range for OPT1 and plug one of the switch ports(not the WAN) on the router into OPT1. Also make sure you disable DHCP on the wireless router. It wont be doing any routing or NAT, just acting as a wireless access point. Setup some firewall rules for OPT1 that allow traffic out to the Internet. Then go to captive portal and enable it for the OPT1 interface. Click Enable and then select the OPT1 interface. Select the option for local user manager. Go to the Users tab at the top and add a new user.

    Once someone connects to the wireless and gets a DHCP address from pfSense they will be prompted with the captive portal page when they attempt to access a web site. They can use the username and password setup on that users page.

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