Silly Easy Question : Sending the Graphs on a PF Box to an Email

  • Howdy,

    I've just installed my first *nux/BSD Firewall box and I'm Chuffed, Must admit it was easy to setup and get working, FTP is still a problem, but I'll get there, but the one thing I would really like is the ability to send the Graph Images to an email each day, so that I dont have to log in to see what is going on (I'm using an embedded image on a Soekris Box with a 1GB CF Card)

    I seem to remember MANY years ago a mate had IP Cop installed and it was done with a CRON Job and some scripting, is there a how to or has someone done this before?

    Thanks All!


  • Not so silly or easy. This has come up from time to time. pfSense does not include an SMTP server or client. Someone had some patches to email the logs periodically, but the code has disappeared long ago. You could probably hack something together if you are motivated enough. smtpmail in ports looks like it might be a good fit if you have a mail server to send through. I'm not sure what the best fit would be if you wanted an smtp server- perhaps ssmtp. If you want a nice solution with gui support, you could post a bounty and see if anyone was interested.

  • The graphs are generated on demand. My suggestion would be to setup something that fetches the webpages or just the graph urls.

    The status_rrd_graph_img.php will return the rrd graphs. You'll have to look at the status_rrd_graph.php for which arguments you need.

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