1.2.1 CF install - no serial

  • I wrote the new image 1.2.1 onto the CF today, previously using 1.2. I am having a problem where I cannot access the box with serial, it was working before without problems. I plugged the monitor into the box and it justs gets up to the point where it switches to serial "Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf". The CF activity light flickers as normal so it must be doing something. I've tried both serial ports with no luck.

    Thanks, Matt

  • I had to downgrade (re-flash) to 1.2.0 to have a system that was accessible. Is their any word on a fix for this? The pfSense is installed on a Dell GX240 system. I've had the 1.2.0 version installed for about 10 months now with no troubles and I'm happy with it however I like to have up to date software installed.

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