Interfaces -> Wan -> pppoe periodic reset checkbox broken (no selection menu)

  • Hi,

    I just did a clean install of 2.0 full (built on Fri Dec 26 18:44:24 EST 2008) and sadly i ran into the problem, that clicking on the "pppoe peridic reset checkbox" does nothing at all.
    In 1.2.1 a dropdown box opens if i tick the checkbox, but now just nothing happens… ( tested in Firefox and IE7)

    btw: if i expand the lan interface graph on the dashboard page and save this setting its no longer expanded if i go to another page and then back to the dashboard...

  • the dashboard is known about, nobody has looked at it yet.

  • periodic pppoe resetting should work ok now.
    Get the latest snapshot and try.

  • hi,

    it's working and it's resetting the connection as it shoud  :)

    but ;) there seems to be some timezone issue: If I set the reset time to 20:20 (8:20pm) its resetting the connection at 21:20 (9:20pm) (i'm using europe/berlin as timezone).

    btw: the timezone setting is ignored at the firewall log too…

  • I just noticed,

    that after the pppoe connection is reset, the dyndns accounts don't get updated  :o

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