Full version on ALIX

  • Is it possible to install the full version on ALIX RC3 so you get all of the benefits of the full version (upgrading and rebooting from the web interface)?

    If it is possible is someone able to point me in the right direction for install instructions and what size CF card I need?

  • @http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic:

    If you're installing to a CF Card use the embedded version.
    A fullinstall to a CF will kill the card. The CF should be minimum 128 MB (more works too but the space is not used).

    If you want to use packages you need to use the full version –> install to a HD. Alternatively you can use a Microdrive (Harddisk in CF format).
    (dont ask why, dont ask how you can get packages to run on the embedded, just accept the fact!)

    cheesyboofs posted some info on how to get certain types of microdrives to run.

    The embedded version does not have any VGA output. Connect and configue per Serial port.

  • Thank you so much GruensFroeschli - thats the first help I have got here without having to pay money.

  • If you can get your hands on a CF-card with wearleveling this would work too.
    But cards with wearleveling are a bit more expensive than normal cards.

    Also i think some of the ALIX boards have a connector to connect a 2.5" HD.

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