Help Building a Session Border Controller Package

  • Not to take away from the excellent work that is being done with FreeSwitch on PFSense but my needs are for a Session Border Controller on the firewall and not an entire PBX.

    I've built up an OpenSBC / Vyatta solution but think that pfSense would be an easier platform for most people to install on (with the sweet packaging capabilities) and maintain.

    Not being much of a programmer, I'm looking for somebody who can help create a pfSense package for OpenSBC.

    Here's a link to the installation document I created:

    Also published here if that site isn't working:

    If I should post this somewhere else please let me know.



  • me 2 interested in this but the issue for me is im using Alix and there isn't a way to install any packages on it but if the dev. team incorporated it in main pfsense then it could be used to solve some NAT issues for voip or it could be used as a sip proxy.
    i think monowall also uses some stuff for voip on their firewall.

  • Most of these SIP NAT traversal things they put in are designed for outbound only (sipproxd) or you can tie them back into a single machine.  While this may work for Asterisk (because it stays in the media path), it does nada for a true SIP PBX.

    As cheap as some PC hardware is nowadays, I don't know why people futz with those little specialty boards.  Go get a Shuttle ( K45 (they are $99 from TigerDirect), install an extra NIC, 2 GHz Pentium Dual Core, 2 GB of RAM and install (another $100 to $120) to a USB key (get a SLC key and not an MLC key…  SLC has 100K to 1M write cycles and is faster than MLC technology).  There you have a solution without a hard drive in it.  Just a couple of fans to worry about.


  • for me its not about the cost but about space and number of ppl using it, i mean i got few number of users behind the alix so to spend on a monster which can be done with a rat, then y to go for something so resourceful when not required and if it were possible using alix or even amde possible then atleast 5 calls at a single time is enough for me but no1 is designing those packages for embedded systems and i bet there might be many ppl willing to use packages with their alix boards or whatever embedded devices they got.
    500mhz with 256mb ddr ram is more than enough to run a couple of things, the fact that ppl buy alix compared to full systems is their requirements r low and can be used in small offices and homes and the benefit of letting packages run on embedded devices is that then the number of users will increase as then everone can have it in their homes or offices and guy like me can also provide such devices or let others know of it also and they can also end up using pfsense on embedded and this can end up in more financial resources to donate and even post bounties for more custom features. End users like me prefer a alix with pfsense rather than a ADSL modem or router taking up all the load as this way alix can do things better and bigger than a standard SOHO modem or router or both builtin together.

  • So, go for something like the often discussed FabiaTech range (FX5620/FX5621 etc).  That allows you to do a full install, in a package that's equally compact, is designed for the task at hand and is still low power.

  • FreeSWITCH can also be setup as a SBC/proxy I haven't tried it yet.

    It looks like opensbc will compile for freebsd. I would consider a package for that if that is desired over a FreeSWITCH SBC package.

    There used to be a bounty for a SBC but it has been withdrawn or expired. If anyone wants to sponsor work on it with a bounty I would consider it. I wanted to do it with the first bounty but I decided and built the pfSense FreeSWITCH package interface instead.

  • the reason i would like opensbc in pfsense compared to freeswitch is bcoz opensbc supports voip encryption and thats of concern to me as my isp blocks voip and opensbc xor encryption bypasses it.
    the bounty for opensbc was posted by me only but no1 completed it.

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