Multiwan 2 wans working, add 3 wans more

  • Hello Guys
    Currently I have a pfsense box with 4 interfaces all working perfectly (see attached file 01).
    Now I need to add 3 more Vlans and 3 new wans to my ecosystem (see attached file 02).
    The only peculiarity is that I would need each VLAN to have its own Internet connection through the ISP router (no pppoe).

    I try to add one Gateway for each new wan connection and by the vlan firewall rules assign them, everything seems to work fine but when I do a speed test the upload test results in 0Kb ,something is happening with the outgoing traffic

    I do not know what could be, Thank you very much…

    ![Diagram 01.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Diagram 01.jpg)
    ![Diagram 01.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Diagram 01.jpg_thumb)

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