Access Open VPN Server from two External IPs

  • Hi,

    i am running an OpenVPN Server on pfsense. I have two internet connections with separate NAT Routers:

    WAN <router"">LAN
    WAN <router"">LAN

    Pfsense has two network adresses and
    Both Routers have a Port Forwarding for the OpenVPN Service on the pfSense machine.

    How can manage that pfsense is responding to the router, where the request came from? ATM all responses go to the default GW set in pfSene which is Router 1. This results in asymetric routing for Requests comig from Router 2.
    How can i handle this?



  • @mode:

    WAN <router"">LAN
    WAN <router"">LAN

    Pfsense has two network adresses and</router></router>

    That are both LAN addresses. So you have no WAN on pfSense?
    How are these addresses assigned? One to each interface, both to only one interface?

  • My pfsense is running in a VM. I have two LAN interfaces with 192.168.1. and 192.168.2. adresses. No WAN Interface on pfsence since this is handled by other routers in the network. This pfsense provides only ovpn service.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    How does the openvpn traffic get to pfsense?  That would be pfsense "wan" interface.. The interface pfsense uses to get to or from other networks would be a wan interface..

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