Pfsense Memory - Dashboard Memory Usage vs Actual

  • When I look at my dashboard memory, it seems to be an aggregate of active, laundry and wired.

    Should I be concerned that my firewall runs at 97% memory.  It seems I have a high laundry usage from running a rather large Squid Proxy.

    There seems to be no performance effects, but I'm curious why the dashboard for memory includes laundry in the calculation if this is honestly memory just waiting to be cleaned.


    last pid: 21630;  load averages:  0.87,  0.88,  0.91  up 16+22:42:00    10:31:15
    436 processes: 17 running, 341 sleeping, 78 waiting

    Mem: 11G Active, 772M Inact, 16G Laundry, 2802M Wired, 1571M Buf, 325M Free
    Swap: 3825M Total, 495M Used, 3330M Free, 12% Inuse

  • same issue squid taking much ram and then swap memory using pfsense squid last version :'(

  • Umm, wrong post? The OP was not talking about Squid taking up too much memory. And Squid is a cache, it's supposed to cache data. If it's using too much memory, you're caching too much.

    Start a new thread, probably over here

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