New system - NICs usage on Dell T110 ii

  • Hi guys, I'm new here and I will need some help on basics. I spent my time in electronics working on embedded logic systems where we spent a lot of time preventing access to the boards not encouraging it so all this network stuff is new to me.

    I built my system on a standard used Dell T110 ii server and I have left it pretty much as I purchased it. E3-1240 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and a 360 GB or so WD drive. Pfsense 2.4 installed just fine.

    My question is on NICs usage. The Dell has one shared NIC which, as a server, covered data transfer and BIOS level system access. I have added a PCI Intel 4-port card. What would you recommend for the NIC usage? Presently I am leaning towards WAN into one of the PCI connectors and LAN into the board based connector. They are both GB speed.

    Any comments yes or no for this layout?


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    LAN and WAN on the extra NIC. Use the on-board NIC for management only.

  • Thanks Grimson
    Your suggestion worked fine. System is up and running now with an Actiontec C1000A as modem, Dell T110 ii server as pfsense and an Asus RT-AC66U as wifi extender.

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