Dual ADSL (PPPoE) and traffic shaping

  • I have been running pfsense (1.2) now for 3 weeks, and it has done its job very well (stable and efficient)!

    But we have 2 ADSL connections, and I would like to run pfsense on both of them (now; we only run it on one)
    I understand there are some issues to consider:

    • PPPoE over 2 WAN (not possible in 1.2. Does 2.0 alpha support this at this stage?)

    • Traffic Shaper does not support 2 WAN either. Has 2.0 any support for this?

    I would mostly want to be able to run both WAN connection though 1 pfsense box, trying to keep it to a minimum of boxes.
    Load Balancing is not of importance (even though it would be nice). I have no problem in trying unstable 2.0, but the main reason we set up pfsense in the first place, was to eliminate the speedtouch modems that crashed at heavy traffic. So stability is of importance.

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