[Solved] Pinging VLAN from LAN

  • I've attached my topology.

    I'm basically new to VLANs but managed to create a guest wifi AP on a separate VLAN running tomato firmware. I'm just struggling to understand why I cannot ping a client on VLAN5 from a specific LAN device.

    In short, I have a client connected via wifi to the ASUS router on VLAN5 (, I'd like to access this client from a LAN device ( on the Trendnet Dumb switch.

    The Trendnet switch is connected to Port 5 of the Netgear switch and is currently not tagged for VLAN5, so I would expect it not to work. However, if I tag Port 5 on the Netgear switch for VLAN5, it still doesn't solve my issue. I've got a any-any rule on the LAN interface. Not sure if this is possible, logically I guess I would need another NIC on this LAN device (on VLAN5) for it to work, if trunking does not seem to work, right?

  • Disregard, got it working. Forgot to create a new virtual interface on my NIC on Mac OS X box.

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