IPSec LAN-to-LAN Source IP

  • Interfaces

    WAN - XX
    LAN -
    LAN 1 -
    LAN 2 -

    IPSec Phase 2

    Local Network:
    Remote Network:


    I have an IPSec connection established, however if I try to ping or do curl from the terminal I cannot, only by specifying the IP Address.

    I have to do:
    curl –interface

    If I do without specifying the source address the traffic isn't routed through the IPSec interface (enc0).

    Some help is highly appreciated.

  • I managed to solve my problem by removing the routes that were added:
    route del
    route del

    Then I did:
    route add -iface vtnet3
    route add -iface vtnet3

    Is there any way I can do this through the webpanel?

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